Purchase of used Fujitsu hardware

You would like to sell your used Fujitsu hardware because you no longer
use it or you are about to purchase a new one?

Make a profit from your old appliances and make an important contribution to environmental protection.
With more than 20 years of experience in refurbishment and remarketing we are your professional and reliable partner for the purchase of used Fujitsu hardware. Whether overstock, leasing returns, returns or residual items, we buy your no longer needed IT systems!

We buy these products:

  •     Fujitsu Primergy Server
  •     Fujitsu Eternus DX Systems
  •     Fujitsu Primergy spare parts and hard disks
  •     Fujitsu Eternus DX Hard Drives
  •     Fujitsu Celsius Workstations

What do we need to know?

  •     What is the exact configuration?
  •     Which systems/spare parts are involved?
  •     What is the quantity?
  •     When is the product available?
  •     How old is your hardware?

Contact us at info@opitz-systeme.de or use the following online form so that we can make you an offer for the purchase of your hardware.